Custodial Agreement Default Provisions

The depositor assigned the deposit account to the amount indicated on the application. Article VIII can be used for additional provisions. The depositor and custodian agree to the following agreement: Neither you nor any beneficiary can sell, transfer or mortgage the IRA in any way, unless provided for by law or in this agreement. IRA assets are not responsible for the debt, contracts or violations of a person authorized to distribute under this Agreement. With deposit contracts used for benefit programs, the custodian collects staff funds through regular wage deductions and invests the money; all fees associated with these agreements are generally less than the fees that would be charged to individual investors. You ask us to automatically scan or deposit all un invested funds into a bank account with FDIC insurance (which can be pooled with un invested cash from other accounts) until you or your designated agents have received further instructions. You allow us to transfer un invested cash to another bank account covered by the FDIC, without further authorization from you. Bank accounts covered by the FDIC, which contain unassured liquidity, may include, without restriction, certificates of deposit, money market accounts or equivalent or state-insured FDIC accounts in public or national banks or credit unions. Any FDIC insurance that may apply to your account is subject to all applicable laws and regulations, including laws and regulations relating to FDIC insurance restrictions. We have the right to keep interest or other income that we have on un invested cash that is deposited into such accounts and to pay us as a fee. You acknowledge and consent that this fee may be withheld by us as additional compensation for services provided by Custodian under this contract. In the event that un invested cash is deposited into an account subject to a break-up fee, an advance payment fee or a similar tax or fine, we are responsible for these account charges and pay them without deduction or compensation for the amount of un invested cash. You understand and accept that we can pay these account fees either from our general operating funds or by using a line of credit or other credit facility from the account setting concerned.

You also understand and agree that such a credit facility may be subject to a general or specific guarantee foreclosure on our part at the bank, which may contain collateral from one of our deposit accounts with such an institution.